Welcome to the KW Hungry Minds Website!


KW Hungry Minds started in Sept. 2013 as a Meetup group and has grown to be an open community of friends sharing their ideas, their passions and their joy for learning. Look under the Sample Events tab to the right to see what we do. You can also find us on Facebook, on Twitter and out in real world of of the Waterloo region.


KW Hungry Minds is a place to share your thoughts as well as to learn, speak, write and make interesting new friends. This website can direct you on how to take part and it serves as a forum for continuing the conversation. Check out the writing posts of our members. To post your own, please submit to the contact us link on the right.


KW Hungry Minds welcomes people of all corners of the intellectual spectrum. However, we believe that ideas shouldn't threaten and neither should the idea-bearers. We love to foster debate, but we strongly shun abuse. To promote rational discussion, insensitive comments both in live discussion and online will be censored by the organisers. 

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KW Hungry Minds has regular informal debates on a variety of topics, a bi-monthly bookclub and attends various events around the region. To be directly informed of upcoming events, please join our Meetup group -we are always very welcoming of the curious minded.


You can also stay informed by following us on twitter or liking us on Facebook. At the top of our Facebook public page you can find a button to sign up for our private group where you can actively participate in our lively online conversations. You can also find us and all of our events up on Meetup.