A First Timer's Experience of Hungry Minds

By Carol

[Note from Tess: Carol's first attendance was at our "Happiness Is..." meeting on March 22. She sent me this review of her experience and said I was free to do what I wish with it. So here it is.]


The things I found most refreshing about the group were it's diversity and sense of camaraderie within it's freeing contrasting discussion.  Such wondrous variation of thought, ideas, educational level, age range, cultural background, gender, and belief system etc.  (there again, the great 'etc'!) :-)

All spoke their truths & insights to each other openly & without hesitation, encouraged to openly contradict (or agree!)  Left the venue feeling embraced, & contented having witnessed a fine example that it is possible & attainable:  not only tolerance of differences, but also a collective sense of joyousness derived from those differences.

Perhaps humanity's answers lie not only in gathering with like-minded people, but the frequent immersion of oneself with the opposite:  Shining examples of the enrichment that occurs when such diversity gathers & is allowed open expression...not only tolerates, but is enhanced & made more whole by the vastness of diverse human expression, idea & perspective.

Perhaps, then, people would feel less afraid of one another, with the realization that that is where our beauty lies, not only in that which is similar, but, also, and greatly so, within our unique dissimilarities.

'HUNGRY MINDS' definitely left me wanting more!

Thank you for an amazing first 'H.M.' experience!

May it ripple outward, Carol :-)

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    Fallon Alcina (Friday, 03 February 2017 17:58)

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